Memory Game - Identic

Memory Game - Identic

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Identic is a memory card game conceived like an invitation to discover contemporary architecture through a well-known game. Presented projects are realized in the entire world by symbolic people from architecture and propose eclectic of this discipline. This game stimulates mind and memory, cards have to be returned by two to assemble pairs. The player with the biggest number of assembled pairs wins the game. The goal is learning to watch and memorize one of the most famous masterpieces of architecture in the world.

Sober in his presentation and his fabrication, it can be also used like a decorative object and can be framed.

Contents : 44 cards 55x55 mm
Instructions : 1 notice included in the box with instructions in English and French
Age : 6 years old and more
Material : paper and cardboard
Packaging : box with black bottom and sheath printed with hot stamping on certified paper
Dimensions : 13x13x2 cm
Weight : 200 gr
European fabrication

Cinq Points is a French brand. The design is French and the fabrication is European and handmade. The sober line and meticulous production turn each project into a minimalist, bright and timeless object as playful as they are decorative.